Visn. Nac. Akad. Nauk Ukr. 2016. (2): 91-95

І.N. Brodnikovskyi
Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

According to the materials of scientific report at the meeting of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine October 21, 2015

Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is environmentally safe device that high-efficiently (~90%) converts the chemical energy of fuels into electricity and heat. Base material for manufacturing of SOFC is zirconia oxide stabilized in cubic phase. Ukraine has the largest deposit of zirconia minerals in Northern Hemisphere and experience for manufacturing of SOFC, in fact everything to organize high technological production of electrogenerators based on SOFC. This article gives short review of the scientific results of our team and the prospect of development of energetics of Ukraine.
Keywords: solid oxide fuel cell, zirconia powder, energy.


Language of article: ukrainian


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