2005 №8

academic brand
I. Serhiyenko, V. Koval.
SCIT — Ukrainian supercomputer project  
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it's actual
M. Popovych.
Ukrainian national idea

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A. Khalatov.
Development of revolutionary technologies — efficiency criteria of technical sciences 
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O. Kostenko.
Natural and human factors in law
Research from the point of social naturalism

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P. Selihey.
Homo sapiens: how it's reflected in Ukrainian language  
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A. Zavilopulo.
Electronic physics: theoretical and applied aspects
International conference of young scientists and postgraduate students  

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a retrospective
G. Kovtun.
Labore et zelo — by labour and inspiration  

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Ya. Holoborot'ko.
Silhouettes of the great Reformation
Panorama of Ukrainian reality in Sava Bozhko's works    
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B. Pruzhynin.
Pseudoscience today                        

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80th anniversary of academician of NAS of Ukraine V.S. Korolyuk
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70th anniversary of corresp. member of NAS of Ukraine V.M. Klymenko  
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60th anniversary of corresp. member of NAS of Ukraine L.A. Bulavin    
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