Visn. Nac. Akad. Nauk Ukr. 2017. (10):85-89

S.I. Pyrozhkov
Section of Social Sciences and Humanities of NAS of Ukraine

To the 90th anniversary of the Academician of NAS of Ukraine I.I. Lukinov

The material is devoted to the 90th anniversary of the well-known Ukrainian economist, Vice President and chairman of the Social Sciences Section of the NAS of Ukraine (1979-1993), Academician-Secretary of the Department of Economics of the NAS of Ukraine (1976-1980, 1993-1997), Director of the Institute of Economics of NAS of Ukraine (1976-2003), laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the Field of Science and Technology (1979), the M.V. Ptuha Prize of NAS of Ukraine (1998), Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine (1997), Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine I.I. Lukinov.

Language of article: ukrainian