Visn. Nac. Akad. Nauk Ukr. 2019. (3):79-84

O.S. Vashulenko, O.P. Kostritsa, O.S. Popovych
Dobrov Institute for Scientific and Technological Potential and Science History Studies of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv


This paper is devoted to changes in the publication activity of researchers of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine due to age. For this, the list of scientific publications of 118 full members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and several dozens of Doctors of Science who are not members of the Academy is analyzed. It has been established that peak of publication activity occurs between 55 and 65 years old, that is, 20-25 years later than it was observed in the first half of the twentieth century. Analysis of the data shows that the most cited works are mainly published between 55 and 59 years old. The authors explain this by the fact that for more than half of a century since the publication of the mentioned works there have been significant changes in the nature of scientific activity and in science itself, which require making certain corrections to the management of research teams and science policy.
Keywords: peak of publication activity, personnel policy, most cited publications, full members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctors of Sciences.

Language of article: ukrainian



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