Visn. Nac. Akad. Nauk Ukr. 2020.(10):82-99

Volodymyr O. Yemelianov
Center for Problems of Marine Geology, Geoecology and Sedimentary Ore Formation of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine


The rapid development of marine sciences and innovations in the world leads to the increasing use of their fundamental and applied results, including sea-related technologies, in virtually all spheres of human existence. In the public policy of developed maritime countries, researches and developments aimed at better understanding the role of the world ocean and the possibilities of its use to address socio-economic and security challenges have long been among the highest priorities. Analyzing the basic problems of organization and functioning of domestic maritime scientific and innovative activities, the author notes that further delay in developing a strategy for such activities may not only lead to the final loss of maritime status by our country, but also complicate prospects for further socio-economic development and weaken the system of national security. The article proposes the conceptual foundations of the strategy for the development of marine scientific and innovative activities in Ukraine.

 Language of article: ukrainian

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