2011 № 4

Prister B.
Problems of radiation protecting of people on areas polluted because of Chornobyl APP disaster  
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Shestopalov V., Naboka M., Likhosherstov O., Chaban O., Svendsen E.
Radiation impact and children health
Diseases of gastrointestinal tract at children during post-Chornobyl period under the impact of radiation and landscape factors
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Tereschenko V., Pischykov V., Dehtiariova L., Seheda T.
Displays and diagnostics of changed disease run at suffered from Chornobyl disaster    
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Hrynevych Yu., Diomina E., Teletska S. 
Radiobiology escort of oncology diseases neutron therapy 

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Bondar O., Biliavskyj H., Satalkin Yu., Pylypchuk M.
Ecology audit: world experience and home realia    
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Chornobyl echo                                                                                                                                            
Vorona P.
«Spring harrowed by atom»
Mission of lecturer-scientist in alienated zone

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Yaremenko L., Verbitska O.
History of academic awards as scientific achievements mirror 
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80th anniversary of Ukrainian NAS corresp. member Yu.M. Senkovskyj
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70th anniversary of Ukrainian NAS corresp. member V.P. Havryliuk
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70th anniversary of Ukrainian NAS corresp. member V.B. Molodkin
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