Visn. Nac. Akad. Nauk Ukr. 2020.(11): 59-65

Olexandr S. Popovych
Dobrov Institute for Scientific and Technological Potential and Science History Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine


The article highlights the specific features of the development of the NAS of Ukraine related to the activities of B.Ye. Paton after his election as president of the Academy. It is shown that the implementation of the course announced by him to strengthen the links between science and industry and accelerate the practical use of research and development results in the national economy has allowed to almost double the total funding of the Academy by attracting customers. At the same time, its structure changed dramatically: along with new scientific institutes, design and technological bureaus, research plants, powerful scientific and technological complexes and engineering centers were created. The material and technical base of scientific research has been significantly strengthened, two academy towns have been created, numerous institute buildings and large volumes of housing for the Academy's employees have been built. It is significant that all this took place in the so-called “period of stabilization of science”, when the vast majority of research centers and branches of the USSR Academy of Sciences and academies of sciences of the union republics did not have the opportunity to develop in this way. This specificity of the development of the Ukrainian Academy is due to the initiative of its president, Academician B.Ye. Paton and his perseverance in implementing this course. The article uses materials from official statistics, supplemented by the author's impressions and observations, because he observed these processes both from within, working at the NAS of Ukraine, and from outside, visiting most research centers and branches of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
Keywords: development of academic science, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, academician B.Ye. Paton.

Language of article: ukrainian

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