S.V. Melashych
Institute of Technical Mechanics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and State Space Agency of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk

Information from scientific report at the meeting of Presidium of NAS of Ukraine October 8, 2014

Abstract: The scientific and methodological support for a comprehensive approach to the aerodynamic design and optimization of compressor cascades profiles is developed. The mentioned above scientific and methodological support can be used for the determination of the compressor blades rational geometric parameters of aircraft gas turbine engines compressor rims at the design stage, as well as for the study of the flow structure in the compressor cascades and predicting their aerodynamic characteristics in the operating range of the mode parameters. Specific scientific and methodological developments are introduced on the SE «Ivchenko-Progress» (Zaporozhye) and they are currently used in the design of compressor blade rims of modern gas turbine engines.
Keywords: compressor cascade, aerodynamic optimization, inverse design, numerical simulation.

Language of article: ukrainian

Herald of the NAS of Ukraine. 2015. №1. P. 1–114